Women’s Rights and Healthcare

Every person deserves the fundamental right to control their own body. Each person’s situation is unique. Every health care decision – including whether or not to have an abortion – is deeply personal and best left to patients and their doctors to navigate. Everyone should have the freedom and power to control their own bodies and lives. Abortion is health care and my focus as your representative would be to protect those rights.

Advocating for Working Families

Minnesotans shouldn’t have to struggle to meet their basic needs. As your representative, my focus will be on economic security and racial justice. I believe that every person deserves to take part in the economy, in the community, and have a safety net for when life happens. To ensure this, I will examine and remove systemic barriers that prevent the community members of District 47A from partaking in these opportunities.

Investing in Education

Education should be equitable and accessible to all. Our youngest Minnesotans deserve to take part in great education. Families across our district, and across the state of Minnesota, should have access to quality education no matter their zip code, income, or background. We need to take action to decrease the academic achievement gap, and this all starts with implementing universal Pre-K for all Minnesotans.

Championing Healthcare

All Minnesotans deserve access to affordable healthcare and paid time away from work to care for themselves and their families. Employers deserve support to facilitate and stabilize their workforce so business can continue while employees care for themselves and their families. New parents deserve support and education in how to care for themselves and their new child(ren) before, during, and after this life-changing event(s). My focus as your representative would be for paid family/medical leave for all of Minnesotans.

Addressing Climate Change

It’s our responsibility to take care of the planet, and protect it for future generations. Individual measures help, but we need to look at the bigger picture. My two areas of focus will be for clean energy and environmental justice. Every person deserves clean air and water. To achieve this, we must first take a look at decreasing pollution starting with re-examining how we get around. My time on the MetroTransit Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit Community and Business Advisory Committee has given me the experience and knowledge on how the State of Minnesota is already taking actions to make our community accessible by public transportation. As your representative, I hope to continue this work and advocate for similar, sustainable ways to get around.